Has Allegri confirmed he’s replacing Wenger at Arsenal?


This latest Arsenal transfer rumour has not been confirmed officially by anyone working at Arsenal Football Club, or for that matter anyone directly employed by the Italy Serie A champions Juventus, but the rumour going around is that the Juve manager Massimiliano Allegri has already decided to leave the Turin club at the end of the current season in order to take over from Arsene Wenger.

Metro reports that Allegri has made up his mind and has told those close to him of the decision and if that is true it must mean that the Gunners are already preparing for the long serving Frenchman to call it a day in the summer. This rumour will put a smile back on the faces of a lot of Arsenal fans and if it is true then it could be the start of something special in north London.

The Italian coach is said to be a better tactician than his fellow countryman Antonio Conte who has been widely praised for this part of his managerial style and he seems to be one who will not put up with any lack of effort and application from his team either.

Will this rumour turn out to be true and if so, is Allegri the right man to get Arsenal back to the top?

3 thoughts on “Has Allegri confirmed he’s replacing Wenger at Arsenal?

  1. Oh yes, I think he (Allegri) would do a very great job in terms of transfer, tactics and other sectors. We have seen what he can do with Juventus. Unlike Wenger who knows his problem and refuses to tackle it rather than always bringing up excuses.

  2. Wenger has to go so that the club can have a change, and arsenal fans will be very happy at the start of next season.Welcome to the emirates Allegri

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