Have Arsenal now got the measure of Guardiola teams?


Maybe we are going over the top with the confidence and belief surging around Arsenal Football Club at the minute, but we did just become the first team this season to beat Pep Guardiola´s Bayern Munich. The German´s have been setting all sorts of records both individually and as a team so I think we are allowed to rave about our win.

And a Metro report has revealed that Arsenal are not just the first team to beat the German Bundesliga champions this season, but we are the first team to beat the Bayern team of Guardiola as well as his Barcelona side who were on top of the world when they lost to us back in 2011, with a certain young player called Jack Wilshere running the show.

Maybe it is the fact that the Spanish manager´s style of football is similar to that which Arsene Wenger has become famous for with Arsenal, so that the Frenchman understands it well and knows it´s flaws as well as anyone. Or maybe it is a sign of the prof´s new tactical flexibility which has seen Arsenal concede a lot more of the ball to rival teams in big games, starting with that brilliant away win over Man City last season.

Do you think Arsenal have Pep´s number now, or will he and Bayern get their own back when the Gunners go to Munich?

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