Stats prove Arsenal beating Bayern was NO fluke


With most reports giving the Arsenal keeper Petr Cech the Man of the Match award for his brilliant display which helped Arsenal beat the German giants Bayern Munich and get our Champions League campaign back on track last night, you can understand why some people would say that the Gunners got lucky.

And with Pep Guardiola and his players having enjoyed a massive amount of the ball, with Arsenal having less than 30 percent possession on our own ground, this might seem to be the case. But this would be ignoring the way that Arsene Wenger set up his team and the tactics worked to perfection.

Yes we might have needed a bit of luck and a top performance from Cech, but the Bayern keeper Manuel Neuer was also very busy and some of his saves were even better, especially the one from Walcott which I still find hard to believe. So Arsenal fans can reflect on a game well played and if you need any more proof that it was not a lucky result, Metro have reported that ArsenalĀ“s eight shots on target is the record for any team against one managed by Guardiola in the Champions League.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it doubters.

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