I loved Arsenal and Wenger but now I HATE them!


Looking at a lot of the comments on Arsenal blogs this season, this could easily have been said by a large percentage of the current worldwide fans! But in reality it has come from an ex-Arsenal player that was forced out of the Emirates only to become a success in Serie A with Roma.

We all remember Gervinho, who was brilliant in the African Nations Cup, but always seemed to be falling over his feet when he was faced with Premier League defenders. The Ivory Coast star was quoted as saying in the Express: “He [Wenger] never had confidence in me,”

“As a child I dreamed of playing for Arsenal, because I loved them.”

“Garcia (the Roma coach) doesn’t differentiate between those who are playing and those who aren’t playing. That’s important for a player.

“He doesn’t only speak to those who are playing, he talks to everyone as there are 25 players in the squad, not just 11.

“Now I hate them for the way Wenger treated me.

“However, I regretted leaving the club after such a short time without being able to show my worth, which I’m now doing at Roma instead.”

With Wenger under-fire from Arsenal fans everywhere, a lot of current players have been speaking out in defence of Wenger, so it is interesting to hear another side of the story from an ex-player. Perhaps Lukas Podolski is beginning tofeel th same way?

3 thoughts on “I loved Arsenal and Wenger but now I HATE them!

  1. The only problem of our great team Arsenal is Stupied Arsen wenger just wenge go a way pls you cant do it

  2. Wenger the problem? He built this club morons.As far as Gervinho, he had more than enough chances at Arsenal. He could not cut it. Plain and simple. He has nobody to blame but himself.

  3. Dont mind that bighead gervinho, what else did be want after such playing time he wasted. Someone who picked you from lower division to premier lg have no confidence in you then why did he brought you in and give you playing time. Idiot and ingrate

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