Is the Chelsea boss just being nice to Arsenal?


Chelsea may not be in the Champions league but their form this season has been awesome! They started this season on a wrong foot under the tutelage of their new Italian coach but as time went on, he discovered his winning formula and now, Chelsea are on their way to being premiership champions. Probably, if they had been in the Champions league, they would have done better than the rest of the English clubs without doubt.

However, not being in the Champions league, has not stopped their coach Antonio Conte from giving his opinion on the outings of the other clubs in the Premiership. Conte believes that Arsenal and other premiership clubs, where just unlucky to lose in the Champions league, claiming it was one of the surprises of football that while established premiership clubs found it difficult winning their games, Leicester city are doing well in the competition “I can talk about the difficulty in this case City and Arsenal, Tottenham faced.

“It is very strange to see Leicester struggle to keep the Premier League, now they are playing the quarter-finals of the Champions League. This is football because there are these kinds of surprises”

“This is football because there are these kinds of surprises.

“It is a shame for City and Arsenal.”

While I may want to agree with him that surprises do happen in football, I will also want to add that teams like Arsenal and Tottenham lost out of the champions league because they had players who were not built for a competition like the premier league. Manchester City may claim they were unlucky against Monaco and I will totally agree with them because Monaco were not so spectacular on the night they played the Citizens, Guardiola’s team just didn’t have things going their way that night.

In addition to not having the right players with the right mentality for the competition, Arsenal’s major problem was their coach, who probably does not know how to win trophies again. I will accept the fact that Conte was just trying not to sound harsh on his professional colleagues but if truth must be told, he won’t help them by being diplomatic. He has played in the Champions league before and he should know what it takes to succeed in the competition and that experience is what I expected him to share with his colleagues, and not trying to pamper the issue or am I wrong in my assessment?

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