The Arsenal game against Villa two days ago was a shock to our system. Even with the thin and arguably talent lacking squad we had, nobody expected something quite as shambolic and humiliating as that to happen. A 3-1 loss to a side that last year was fighting relegation is a serious shout out to say that this Arsenal team is not just in drastic trouble but it also makes everyone associated with Arsenal fear for the future. What this calls for is desperation and panic! Roll on the Wenger signings.

We have been in this situation before! May I remind you of the summer of 2011. We had just lost Fabregas and Nasri, despite Wenger saying he refused to see our two star players leave at the same time. To add to this Clichy was also out the exit door and the future of Van Persie was also up in the air. We however managed to continue but on thin lifelines. A 0-0 draw at Newcastle didn’t bother us too much but we knew we needed some new additions, and then the wake up call arrived! 8-2 at Old Trafford. The day we saw our club fall into serious decline, it was the time for the panic buys and Wenger surely produced.

5 players came in on transfer deadline day and luckily 3 of them 5 turned out to be quite good in the end. Benyayoun only stayed for a season but he proved effective, whilst Mertesacker and Arteta still prove to be an effective and important part of our team. So who will be the players this time around?

All the fantastic players that we have been linked with all summer have now gone. We need to realise that. There is still Rooney and Suarez however we need to recognise that they are probably unrealistic now bearing in mind there isn’t much time left in the window. Clubs will be reluctant to sell and we may even struggle in an attempt to sign players like Marouane Fellaini because of the little time left.

Approximately £75 million. 14 days left. Wages are covered by outgoing players so our wage budget is approximately at £500k now! I’m not going to bother going through all the players because we all know who we need to sign in the same old, Cesar, Fellaini etc. But aside from that, do you go for the option of a few highly priced top quality players or do we go for loads but possibly good to mediocre players? It’s a tough decision but one Wenger needs to make and ultimately act fast!

2 thoughts on “It’s trolley dash time again at Arsenal but for Who?

  1. Unfortunately with 2 weeks left we need ‘bodies’ and not a star player. 4 players are a minimum requirement.
    Please Arsene strengthen the spine of our side, we need a strong backbone so for me it has to be Cesar, Sakho, Fellaini and Michu but not at £25 million. Michus not worth that much so if we can get Rooney at £40 million then that would be preferable.
    Come on Arsene strengthen our team and give us some much needed leadership quality.

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