As another day passes so does an opportunity for Wenger to sign someone for Arsenal, but as always we don’t wake up to the news of the latest signing, but rather of the latest player we have been linked with, and today that player is Sevilla’s Geoffrey Kondogbia.

In fact for once I think this is a rumour fans of Arsenal will be pleased to hear as I know he is a popular player. He is an extremely exciting prospect and note I say prospect because he is still only 20 years old, but the difference is he is already turning into a fantastic player at such a young age.

The French international midfielder already holds interest from three of Europe’s biggest clubs in Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid, however its speculated that Real Madrid have dropped their interest slightly in order to pursue Gareth Bale. So if the reports are correct it’s between Chelsea and Arsenal and I would be confident in saying we could get him over our London rivals. Kondogbia is fully aware of the interest and he has spoken to the media.

He said, “For the moment, I’m in Seville. I know that there are discussions between my agents and other clubs but for now I’m concentrating on my return to action.”

I would love to see Kondogbia at Arsenal. His pace, precision, tactical awareness and control on the ball are all aspects of his game that have made him quickly rise through the ranks. Aside from his inexperience, I cannot notice a single bad thing from him.

Normally people would be very against Wenger signing someone like Kondogbia because he is still young and ultimately still quite inexperienced, however you cannot fault this guy’s talent and for the rumoured 10 million euros valuation, it would be an absolute steal for a player that could end all our worries about not having a true defensive midfielder amongst the team.

1 thought on “latest Arsenal transfer rumour is young Sevilla powerhouse

  1. I would sign the boy as early as the next second.Will be world class sooner rather than later.

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