Let’s have a Bash Bad-Boy Bendtner Day!

I was sitting here thinking that there is not much Arsenal news of any substance to discuss, but kept seeing the occasional headlines like “Troublemaker Bendtner admits speeding” and was thinking of his terrible disciplinary record since arriving at Sunderland on loan.

We’ll always known he was an arrogant twat, but other than one incident when he was photographed with his trousers around his ankles coming out of a nightclub, he wasn’t known to be a “naughty boy” as such.

But since going to the Black Cats, Bendtner has been involved in all sorts of capers. There was the “car scratching” episode with Lee Cattermole near the Newcastle United ground to start with in early December, then shortly afterwards came the 103 mph speeding offence, which has just gone to court this week.

Sarah Robinson, prosecuting, told the court: “He was seen doing 103.6mph for a distance of 0.137 miles, and was recorded by a police Vascar system. He has indicated a guilty plea.”

This was swiftly followed by the news that he had been arrested after an very-late-night brawl at a luxury Tyneside hotel. Bendtner and another 23-year-old man were released without charge.

Then to top it off he was caught on camera berating the staff at a Pizza parlour in Copenhagen after his credit card was rejected, again very early in the morning. He was giving it the “Big I am” (Do you know who I am? I could buy this whole shop and sack you all!) before scrounging the cost of the meal from some young diners. And that was supposed to be when he was recuperating from an injury!

That is quite a long list considering he has only been at the Stadium of Light for seven months.

Would anyone like to give the case for the defence?

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4 thoughts on “Let’s have a Bash Bad-Boy Bendtner Day!

  1. He went to the stadium of light, he saw d light, nd nw we also can c him in light of who he is

  2. He’s young. Give him a break or you’ll have him thinking he’s on a par with Man City’s Mario Balotelli.

    If he sees us Arsenal fans slating him, he may not return to the Club in the Summer and we most definitely don’t want to lose the best player in the world.

  3. Thats what happens with you live in a dead end place. i went to sunderland once and got arrested within an hour the only time i have ever been arrested its full of no hopers looking for a bit of aggravation and you just cant help getting dragged down to their level. best advice is to swere anywhere north of watford if you can help it. if you have to go there make it as short a visit as possible and definitely do not settle there.

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