Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal – The stats highlight our dismal display!

Liverpool took on Arsenal in a frenetic game at Anfield as hostilities were certain in the game against Arsenal who were one point ahead of Liverpool going into the fixture. It was Liverpool’s day as the likes of Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho made sure that Arsenal were dealt a huge blow at Anfield on the occasion.

The game saw Arsenal start the game without their inspirational Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez as he was left out on the bench by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. He came on and made an instant impact in the game but Liverpool still had the final say as Georginio Wijnaldum ensured the three points at the death.

Here are what the statistics said as regards to Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Arsenal at Anfield.


It was a game that produced 10 shots on goal in the entire match as Liverpool gained ascendance over Arsenal in this area due to the attacking fluency in the final third. The likes of Philippe Coutinho and particularly Sadio Mane was blazing from all cylinders as Arsenal found it difficult to contain the Reds attacking forays.

Liverpool had 7 shots in the game, 5 shots more than Arsenal who had 2 in the game due to their limited bursts into the Liverpool final third especially before the entrance of Alexis Sanchez. They lacked bite going forward as the Liverpool side seized the initiative to dominate proceedings in the final third. This produced 14 shots in total against Arsenal as half of those strike (7 shots in total) were off target towards the Arsenal goal.


he Gunners were overpowered in midfield by the benevolent effort and guile of Liverpool trio in Adam Lallana, Emre Can and Georginio Wijnaldum as Arsenal were torn apart in shred at Anfield. The home side were more determined and went for every ball with all determination as Arsenal lacked enough zeal and eagerness to bring their quality into play in the midfield.

THE home side had 9 corner-kicks in the game 6 more than Arsenal who had 3 corner-kick in the entire game due to the less activity in the final third as compared to the home side. The Anfield mob bossed the game and saw some of their attacking foray down the Arsenal area fetch loads of corner-kicks as they had 9 corner-kicks in the game leaving Coutinho with the delivery assignment on the corner flag before his substitution.

The home side had 5 offside calls in the game as compared to Arsenal’s 4 in the game due to the home side’s increased forays down the opposing area in search of goals in the match. Arsenal understandably had less offside call as they rarely threatened the Liverpool goals or show enough desire to do so as compared to Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool side.

It was no fluke as Arsenal committed 15 fouls in the game as compared to Liverpool 8 fouls in total from the match. This is due to Liverpool dominance in terms of possession as they had more of the ball (53-47%) than Arsenal to influence the match proceedings.

The home side had just one booking in the game as compared to Arsenal 2 in the game. This was no surprise as the away side committed more fouls than Liverpool in the game to guarantee more Yellow cards in the game. Liverpool’s Emre Can was booked in the 68th minute while the likes of Francis Coquelin who made way for Alexis Sanchez just after the intermission was booked alongside Granit Xhaka in the 34th and 78th minute of the game respectively as Liverpool won the game 3-1.

The host had 3 times less pressure in the game as evident from the statistics above as the Arsenal side recorded 12 goal-kicks to Liverpool’s 4. This was as a result of an increased pressure down the Arsenal area as seen from the attacking combination of Mane and Firmino who gave Liverpool a (2-0) goal cushion early in the first half.


The home side as expected suffered more physical challenges than Arsenal in the game and thus the more treatments that they had in the game. The away side had none as they did not have received many challenges from the home side.

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