Man City draw should remind Arsenal fans to calm down and be realistic


Arsenal fans are understandably frustrated and disappointed after seeing the side battered both home and away by the German champions Bayern Munich, a scoreline which as well as being embarrassing confirmed that another season would be going by without a decent challenge for the Champions League or the Premier League title.

The fact that the same things seem to happen to every year is bad but I think we also need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. After all if you take Chelsea out of the equation this time then we would be right in the title race and the same was true of Leicester City last time.

Even Chelsea were looking dodgy early in the season but a combination of Conte’s tactical change, no European midweek games and almost no injury problems has seen everything go right for them, just as it did for the Foxes last year. For those Arsenal fans screaming and shouting about Wenger and the failure of Arsenal to win the title I would point to last night’s draw for Man City at home to Stoke City.

We have seen all of the chasing pack slip up and lose or draw games they were expected to win, not just Arsenal, and none of them have had the bad luck with injuries that Wenger has had to cope with. Of course we want more but could it not just be that with a little luck it will be Arsenal taking charge at the top of the table?

11 thoughts on “Man City draw should remind Arsenal fans to calm down and be realistic

  1. Fully agree. I am truly angered by the so called fans of ours who seem to think that if we follow the path of other clubs and change the manager all will be fine and we will start winning cups. What would the situation if it happened otherwise? We would have lost the greatest manager our club has seen and twiddle our thumbs as wenger gets someone else the cups.

    Also we fans should learn to have some sense of respect and gratitude. Nuts like Ian Wright will talk against wenger because they may have vested interest.

  2. Clearly you have not got a clue. How or why are you ‘taking Chelsea out of the equation’ the point of having a 25 man team is to deal with a lot of fixtures. It matters in the manner of our collapse -not just a defeat -COLLAPSE. You know you can hire a ‘hit-man’ for less than what those ‘players’ are getting a week. There is no backbone or guts in that team -which is very -very in-Arsenal. Time to get rid of Wenger NOW -before the end of the season -bring in Patrick Viera and let him start from scratch! Get rid of the lot of them ! They are not worth the money spent on them – and definitely not worth the money the fans spend on tickets! Continue like you are with your head in the sand and you wont have any fans turning up. The board are asking for the fans to resect the club -RESPECT THE FANS ! At the very least try to comprehend tactics. All the other Managers have worked out Wengers ‘philosophy’ of tactics – and like Napoleon at Waterloo know now how to beat him -Time for change not more misplaced loyalty -for nothing in return.

  3. Another mercenary paid to defend the stubborn and 8 million pounds specialist in failure. Useless and blind as Wenger.

  4. Are you kidding?? City won the league in 2014 and 2012.

    Wenger has been a remarkably consistent failure for 13 years now. 13! In no other super wealthy club would such tenacious underachievement and mediocrity be permitted season after season after season.

    And when it comes to Chelsea this season – you yourself provide the argument as to Wenger’s inferiority: when conte realized things were not clicking early on, he made strategic changes and lo and behold – it worked, as things do for great managers. While at Arsenal, Wenger has not been able to work out a consistent winning strategy for 13 years now. Instead, the club is regressing. 3-15 in our last 3 games against bayern!

  5. I think Wenger should think of leaving Arsenal for ha to kip the reminding reputation of his career sounding other wise his heading for disaster

  6. In my first post I mentioned Ian wright. I take back that comment after reading what he said yesterday, that players need to take blame and protect Wenger. We said Wrighty!

  7. To Arsenalist
    What is the larger picture?
    To save money so that Stan can take a consultant fee?
    Our wage bill is as high as that of Chelsea.
    So do not talk about a larger picture as you do not see it yourself.
    That larger picture you are talking about , we see it more clearly. Wenger is finished, he is either too old or too lazy or too stubborn or too of those three, to work out differently.
    He is soft and weak, he is so attached to the fact that he has been titled as a master in developing young players that he cannot remove Iwobi from his team sheet.
    Playing different teams would mean using different tactics for obvious reasons and at the same time use different players to match the tactics. He is playing Iwobi, regardless of the fact that the latter is inexperienced, or his strength are not suited for different adversaries. He is simply focused in giving Iwobi match time at the expense of results. He has always been doing this, with Ramsey, Theo, Coquelin etc. That is why the team is always incomplete, always have weaknesses which other coaches take advantage and we get a trashing against them.
    Adding to these Wenger has got a linearity in this tactics and philosophy, again better coaches use it at their benefit.
    The mishaps associated with Wenger can turn out to be very long and can only be summarized as follows.: It is shear madness if he continues to coach till the age of Sir Alex. The latter cannot be compared to the specialist in failure. Sir Alex bought one single player to win the league : Van Persie. Arsene could buy an entire player population without any progress.
    And we fail to see the larger picture? Is it about consistently losing yet making a big profit, or consistently being trashed and getting a pay rise, or about rewarding someone who wants to overstay, or about failing to see that the writer has been paid as part of a PR strategy which Wenger has set up in place. Is about failing to see that Tony and Walter and their site is a business paid to support Arsene and the board.
    Just tell me, it will make me a better analyst (that’s my job to, to analyze and inform against disinformation).
    My arse to that larger picture!

  8. A lot of people suddenly don’t seem to value our top 4 consistency. I agree it would have been great to have won the titles too, but each year we have had bad luck with crucial players injuries . We play a style of football that brings joy to a lover of the game. Wenger has been stubborn about quality of our game as well. He hasn’t abandoned that. Would you truly believe he plays iwobi to not win? He puts out a team that is best suited to an opponent. In some games pace is important . In some creativity is more important. There are fans of all our rivals who wish their club played like ours. They don’t say it openly. As fans we have to take the blame for not providing that killer atmosphere in our stadium. We pass on our anxiety to the team most often. This debate can go on endless because we seem to be ideologically too distant. Therefore we may have to agree to disagree and move on. Jose is at Manunited and what has he done. Spent a fortune and they are languishing below us.

    1. To arsenalist

      After the larger picture episode you are coming with the smaller picture episode.
      As you said yourself lets look at the larger picture. I do not think you have the slightest idea about what you are talking about. It is time to go to bed, son, do not forget to get yourself a cup of milk.
      If you believe he is playing Iwobi because he is a better option than others, may be it is useless to argue with you. I’ll wait till you grow up, or buy yourself a brain.
      By the way the crucial players injury does not affect other teams, it is just Arsenal that pays the price. May be you were not born yet to have heard about the Rosicky and Diaby syndrome.

  9. Ken,
    Forget it. Your aim is to shoo down the other with all those personal abuses. I give up. I suggest you keep waiting till I grow up. Your brain seems too large for me to deal with now.

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