Man United told to ignore Arsenal-target Mudryk, and sign Mitrovic instead

Advice given to United to help Arsenal succeed in this January deal

 According to Sporting News, Joao Felix will join either Arsenal or Manchester United. Mikel Arteta and Ten Hag both need a “breath of fresh air” in their attacks after losing their main men in different situations. While no one has spoken out against Arteta accepting Felix on the loan deal proposed by Atletico Madrid, Ten Hag has been warned that Felix is not the player he requires. In an interview with Bonus Code Bets, Paul Parker advises Ten Hag to abandon his pursuit of Joao Felix in favour of Fulham’s Aleksander Mitrovic.

About Felix’s potential move to United, Parker says, “I can definitely understand why Man United would want Joao Felix, and I think he is a great player. But I have a tough time seeing him fitting into Man United´s team.”

On who United should sign instead of Felix, the United legend names Mitrovic. About the Fulham man, he says, “I really think that Aleksandar Mitrovic could be a very good signing for Man United. When you have him on your team, you can put the ball into the box at any time, and he will most likely score a goal.”

“He has improved discipline-wise, and he really knows how to get into defenders’ heads. I can really see him being an important player for Man United.”

“But it’s going to be expensive. Fulham loves him, and they will not let him go for peanuts because he is so important for them. If he is not on the pitch they have 70% less chance of scoring.”Parker’s advice should be good news for Arsenal, as it may give them the assurance that they will be the primary destination for the 2019 Golden Boy winner. Arsenal may be able to renegotiate loan terms with Atletico Madrid if they are alone.

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