Mancini Fears Arsenal. Who Will Come On Top?

Manchester City’s manager Roberto Mancini agrees that Arsenal won’t be an easy club to defeat on Sunday, but thinks that his team can bounce back from the defeat they were handed by Chelsea.

‘I think Micah will be OK for Sunday,’ said Mancini. ‘Then we have Pablo, who can play on the left.’

‘After 15 games we are on the top, with two more points than United,’ he said. ‘The season is long. We have said that before.

‘We are strong enough to start winning again and one result doesn’t change anything.

‘We know if we want to win, we should continue to play well, like we did at Chelsea.’

‘We don’t have a problem bouncing back,’ said Mancini. ‘I am sure we will.

‘We play Arsenal on Sunday. At this moment, Arsenal are playing very well. It will be difficult but we need to start again.’

The only question is if they will manage to get back into a winning streak again, because many critics stated that City would come crashing down after the first loss in this Premiership season. Arsenal defeated City on the Etihad Stadium last season, but now they look a lot stronger. What do you think will happen?

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3 thoughts on “Mancini Fears Arsenal. Who Will Come On Top?

  1. Arsenal win is on the cards…still it will be a very tough match for the gunners..3-1 to the GUNNERS!! GOONER4EVER!!!

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