Morata to be the second striker to snub Arsenal?

It may still be unconfirmed officially, but most reports would suggest that Jamie Vardy is not going to be signing for the Gunners this summer. It seems that the English international would rather remain at Leicester, where he achieved the unthinkable last season, breaking both team and personal achievements and records. If such rejection is the case, then Arsenal need to start looking elsewhere again for another striker.

The name Álvaro Morata pops up in the headlines once again now that this Jamie Vardy story is over and whilst many fans may groan at the thought of hearing about all this again, many will also be pleased that Wenger hasn’t given up on his search. However it may be bad news for the Gunners regarding any potential Álvaro Morata move, because if today’s media reports in the Metro and Spanish paper AS, are deemed to be true, then Morata will be joining Vardy in rejecting Arsenal!

According to media reports, despite previously showing a fairly strong interest in moving to the Premier League and playing for the Arsenal, Morata has instead chosen to favour a move to Chelsea or Manchester United. The reason behind the decision is apparently because he’d rather work under one of his previous managers in the forms of Mourinho or Conte. However, logically I don’t understand that since he was left largely unfavoured by both managers, especially Mourinho at Real Madrid, which led to his sale from Real Madrid.

Secondly Arsenal of course should have the advantage over Manchester United and Chelsea, given as both of those teams are not in the Champions League next season, unlike Arsenal. Champions League football is always a major priority for the world’s best players and although Morata may not be categorised as a world class striker just yet, he must be ambitious and only the very best players will play at the highest level of European club competitions.

I know many wouldn’t be too disappointed if Morata truly was to reject the Gunners, since many fans don’t seem to be a fan of the Spanish striker. However to lose out to United or Chelsea in a season where we currently stand much stronger than them, it would be very disappointing.


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