Mrs Sagna hints that Hugo Lloris will join Arsenal

Arsenal are now closer than ever to sign France’s international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, with the Lyon star due to leave the French Ligue 1 side this summer.

If Arsene Wenger won’t tell the public anything about transfers until they are actually completed, the wives of Arsenal stars are giving the information away.

Bacary Sagna’s wife Ludvine Sagna has posted on Twitter her wish for Hugo Lloris’ wife Marine to join her in London, and for her husband to join the Gunners. Ludvine tweeted: “Really hope my friend Marine Lloris will come to #arsenal?,” wrote Ludivine Sagna.

Arsene Wenger has been watching Lloris for a very long time now, and with Fabianski due to leave the Premiership side having grown frustrated by the lack of chances he had at the club, a move for Lloris seems to be on the cards. A £12 million transfer fee is rumoured to be the figure on which Arsene Wenger is going to agree with the Lyon officials, even though the French club initially requested £16 million for the 25-year-old.

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14 thoughts on “Mrs Sagna hints that Hugo Lloris will join Arsenal

  1. I hope this isnt true! There so many other areas of the team that need to be addressed before spending 17 million on a keeper! Cover at right back defensive midfield and attacking midfield!

    1. To the best of my knowledge, the transfer window is not even officially open yet. So if the GK deal comes through before the others (RVP’s replacement, CB,RB CM and DM) how is that a problem? Besides, Fabianski and Mannonne are likely to leave, will one GK suffice? I think we should rather give kudos to AFC for acting with intent this season. I pray its true so that szchezny can have worthy competition.

    2. Completely agree.
      We have WAY more important positions required than a keeper ?!?!?!?!?
      No real cover for Sagna at RB
      Dangerously short in CM. Song OK, but lets remember Roicky, Arteta, Wilshere and especially Diaby are all VERY injury prone. That leaves (ahem) Ramsey.

    3. Thanks Joey, finally, someone who sees my point. Been wondering why us fans can get so carried away and emotional that we fail to see the things that need to be done.

      I don’t even think we need an attacking MD as much as we need someone to support Song and back up the only two consistent defenders we have – Kosc. and Verm., spending all that money on a goal keeper who wouldn’t have a good enough defence to cover for him is just a useless idea.

    1. two women having a chat….but then they might kiss!

      Seriously, though, a rock solid midfielder would do nicely instead….can’t think of any names though…..

  2. “Mrs Sagna hints that Hugo Lloris will join Arsenal”.?
    “Really hope my friend Marine Lloris will come to #arsenal?,” If that is a hint then you need your head read.
    With that logic, I hope Messi, Ronaldo, M’Vila and Buffon come to Arsenal. There you go, you heard it hear first, as I’ve just hinted it.

    1. I completely egree with you. Too much hypes and childish insinuations. Well I equally feel Pele of Brazil is coming to join Arsenal to bring in experience and play along sideTony Adams who will be given a 6years contract because he is younger than Pele. Gunners please react.

  3. Why would anyone not want this? everyone talks about improving the squad this not only improves 1 st choice keeper but will also throw more confidence into a shaky defence and with chesney as back up keeper we have a far better option than fabianski.

  4. I just hope this chat is for real. I look forward to see this man in arsenal’s jersey. every area needs to be strengthen. we need to look into the midfield and defense. up Arsenal

  5. Wenger should do that fast pls dat guy is gud pls pro let leave RVP and do somthine else pls

  6. what did RVP wife said again?

    can’t really trust grocery talk…

    my only goal right now is to get bloodsuckers Stan and Gazidis out now… or at least put Usmanov in the board.

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