Right about now, Arsenal fans, I would settle for Arsene Wenger signing just about any player he could get his hands on. But that is just the deadline day jitters getting to me and in the cold light of day, I agree that there is no point bringing in a player just for the sake of it when they are unlikely to play.

We don’t want another Kim Kallstrom or Park Chu-Young but if we are not going to get a top, top, top player then maybe a couple of pretty handy ones would do. So I was hoping that the latest Arsenal transfer rumour reported by Metro has some truth to it. The paper claimed that Wenger was to make a late double swoop for Wilfried Bony and Winston Reid.

The Swansea striker had been linked with us before and Wenger was hoping that a £19 million bid would seal the deal, but the news on Sky Sports is that Danny Welbeck is having an Arsenal medical so I guess the Bony deal is not happening. Wenger is also planning a cheeky £3 million bid for the West Ham defender. It could work because Reid has made no secret of the fact he wants out of Sam Allardyce’s Hammers side.

These two signings, if they happen, would be two of the weakest areas strengthened for the Gunners, but would it be enough for us to say that this was a good window for Arsenal? I would definitely have preferred Bony but Welbeck is better than nothing and if Wenger can get him playing as he does for England then it could turn out to be a very useful bit of business. And it should p*ss the spuds off no end.

7 thoughts on “No Bony but can Welbeck and Reid rescue Arsenal transfer window?

  1. Seriously?????that is total rubbish Arsene, teams are going for top material like Falcao and for you with all the resources the best you can get is welbeck???? is Arsene in his right state of mind?? wow brace your selves for yet another painful season.

  2. Wellbeck is ok at best ,. His no Sturridge , he can play on the wings aswell , but I thought we we’re going for proven quality or even world class players , we mite aswell buy Wilfred bony , he scores more goals then Wellbeck and plays as a target man ,. .. I love wenger and trust what he does , I don’t get this one though ??? ,. . We need a proven striker with an ego to cammand the teams respect ( Henry ,Ian write , rvp , adebayore , ect .. ) I would have chosen balotelli or paid the 30mill to rm for Benzema .. Even Hernandez over Wellbeck makes scence as he is a poacher type player with good link up play ,..

  3. Actually he mite aswell play Campbell or podolski upfront , I would bet my life they score goals if given the chance ,. Would even go with Benik Afobe at the moment , he looks like our best option .. The way he distroyed Man U defence and keeper was just what we need , we are all about youth , but it’s the timing of there involvement we need to work on ,, just remember a fresh faced wayne Rooney playing for Everton …

  4. 16 Million deal for Welbeck is great business.

    1. We need a striker.
    2. Welbeck is a striker. (see 10)
    3. Welbeck is a full England International.
    4. Welbeck would not be at Man Utd still if he was crap.
    5. Welbeck has Premiership experience and will hit the ground running (no settling down period).
    6. Welbeck is strong and is like Ramsey in style, links well with Midfield and charges through the middle.
    7. Welbeck is also a Winger. (No more Ozil, Wilshere or Cazorla wasted on the wing).
    8. Welbeck is 23, by the time he is 26 he will be worth 40 Million and a fan favourite.
    9. Anybody other than Cavani or Falcao is going to be compared with these unproven players in the Premiership. Veron, Shevchenko never settled. Carlos Tevez took a long time to settle. Many other players could not settle here.

    There are no guarantees with overseas players. Language barrier, compatibility with managers, climate, homesickness, food, no winter break, wages …. so many variables.

    Welbeck is English and he has won things.

    10. Welbeck is better than Sanogo.

  5. Because he plays on the wing aswell , u think the boss will not play the usual suspects there ? Lol , plus that contradicts the first statement that he is a striker , no he is a versatile forward player ,, we have enough of those ,, alexis Sanchez is our latest ,. WE NEED A PROPPER STRIKER CENTER FORWARD MARKSMAN FOX IN THE BOX GAME WINNER POACHER CLINICAL FINISHER ,.. For now not in years to come ,. Simples we already have players who can evolve into good strikers ,, Campbell ect …

    Anyways ,, wenger must knw what his doing

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