Of course Arsenal can win the League next season!

Bacary Sagna has been talking to the media a lot today mentioning that he is in contact with Arsenal over signing a new contract as he approaches his last year. I for one think Sagna will be off this summer, however the other comments he made today about Arsenal’s chances of success next season make me think otherwise.

In a long interview Sagna reportedly said; “I truly believe we can be champions or else I wouldn’t be playing football. I would have gone already. I truly believe we can succeed with the team we have. I strongly believe we have the quality to be the best in the Premier League. Look at the end of last season, when we got 26 points from a possible 30. Not a lot of teams can do this and this is what makes me believe we can beat anyone.”

“What we managed last season can be done only by a true team with a great team spirit. I believe we can achieve a lot more.”

Sagna rightfully suggests our incredible run in to the seasons end and he recognises that consistency is the key. Something I have stated on several occasions.

Sagna continued; “On some days we can switch off and lose to anyone and to avoid this, we need to take things game by game and stay focused from the beginning to the end. There are no major things that we ought to do to continue succeeding.”

I think consistency is perhaps the most important factor to success. The league is a long process and although you can have all the talent in the world, if you’re not winning games and have a consistent record then surely there is a great chance of success. What is also good to know is that as well as Sagna, players including Walcott and Ramsey, showing that if the whole team had this desire to win and this positive mentality then we may be able to progress to a greater state than the 3rd/4th place spot we have grown accustom to over the last few seasons.

Finally, I agree with Sagna’s comment of saying we have a squad able of being successful. I feel this team is able to compete from trophies next season, if we apply the mentality and consistency spoken about, but if we wish to be truly ambitious and challenge for the Premier League, then it is vital we pair these aspects alongside the addition of several top class players.

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One thought on “Of course Arsenal can win the League next season!

  1. Very true the league can be won by Arsenal regardless of the millions Chelsea and City will spend in the transfer market.Just add 3 to 4 top players Arsenal will win 2 major trophies next season. I am so very sure of that.None of Arsenal key players should be sold. WENGER GO GO GO

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