Only £10m bid? Is this the reason Arsenal didn’t sign Balotelli?


The Arsenal transfer rumour mill got itself all worked up and thought that the Italy and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli was all but signed up to play for Arsenal next season. Us fans were told to expect the deal to be completed once the Italy national team had played their last part in the World Cup, but that was some time ago and nothing has happened.

So the rumour mill has moved on and we have heard little about the 23-year old recently, until now that is. There are two separate reports today that suggest that a deal was on the cards, but they have different reasons as to why.

The Daily Mail report claims that MIlan president Silvio Berlusconi revealed that an agreement for the transfer of Balotelli was in place with an unspecified Premier League club, but that his poor showing in Brazil, where typically for England his only good game was against them, had put the prospective buyers off.

And a Talksport report from Adrian Durham claims that he was told by some un-named Italian with good contacts, that the reason for the deal being off was that Arsenal had only offered £10 million for the front man. Now does that really sound like something Arsene Wenger would do? If he did, you cannot fault the Prof for his cheek.

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