Owner Asks Arsenal An Incredible Fee For Star Striker

Montpellier’s owner Louis Nicollin has ruled out the possibility of his most precious player to be joining Newcastle saying that it’s too little of a club for the French striker, but wouldn’t say no to an offer from Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger.

“Newcastle? They are too small for him,” Nicollin told RTL.

“Arsenal? We must see if Arsene Wenger is interested because he has Van Persie.

“€10m? He won’t go for that.

“Given that he still has more than two years left on his contract, he’ll cost a lot more, either €50m (£41.7m) or €60m (£50m).”

Olivier Giroud is indeed an incredibly skilled striker and could easily be in the top few goal scorers in England at the end of the season if transferred, but Wenger wouldn’t have spent that much of Santos’ Neymar, why would he spend it on Giroud?

The reality is that Nicollin was probably reading a fairytale when he offered the interview or he’s simply not interested to sell the striker. It’s much easier to say that than to request such a fee. If there are players in the world worth this much Giroud is certainly not one of them even if he is France’s League 1 top scorer.

He could become one of those player after a transfer to a Champions League playing club, a few top class performances at a high level and much more call-ups to the French national team, but for now the transfer fee rumoured in the press of €10m or a touch more is about right.

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