Arsenal and Wales international midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been named Arsenal’s player of the month for August and rightly so after some very good performances. Aaron Ramsey hasn’t had the easiest of times at Arsenal because although he was rated extremely high and looked very promising in the early years of his career with the Gunners, he suffered what could have been a career ending injury back in 2010.

Ramsey broke his leg against Stoke in 2010 and although he made a miraculous and rather fast recovery, he never quite managed to get back to the competitive level he was once at and he also struggled with his abilities. As a result, the fans got on the Welshman’s back and I’m sure not a single one of us can deny that we have ever had doubts over Ramsey. It lowered his confidence and after several attempts to make a comeback, it didn’t look like it was going to happen for him at Arsenal. Luckily for the club now, Wenger persisted in his belief of him and so he gave him enough chances to finally make an impressive comeback.

Towards the end of last season he really showed his true talent and he became an effective member of our team and was also important in our chase for the top four. Despite only scoring one goal in those last ten games of the season, it’s clear to me that’s something he has worked on and he’s already scored three now in the Champions League and looks in fine form. His entire performance level has again been raised and he is really turning into a true talent.

Wenger famously said “Once Ramsey starts scoring he won’t be able to stop” and although that is still left to be seen, I think this will definitely be Ramsey’s season. This year he will srtake his claim in the Arsenal team and I think alongside the likes of Wilshere and now Ozil, they could form a powerful midfield trio that could dominate for many years to come. Also the fact that he won the player of the month by scoring 77% of the total number of votes and Giroud came second with just 13.9% of the votes shows how highly rated he is right now! Congratulations Rambo, you’ve earned it!

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