Podolski vs Giroud – Who Should Join Arsenal?


The rumours linking Arsenal to all sorts of strikers around Europe and a lot of names came up since the last summer, but two of them have been consistent and seem to really be targeted by Wenger.

It’s true that Arsenal need some massive reinforcements, and although the midfield is the weak point at the moment, it won’t hurt to grab an extra striker or two. Arshavin left, Chamakh will likely follow him and so should Park after a lengthy period with no action for the Gunners.

Wenger’s looking to bring replacements, and the battle seems to be between German striker Podolski and Frenchman Giroud. They are two attacking players who have different profiles, and many rumours say that the manager is looking to bring them both at the club.

Podolski is a second striker and can also play on either of the wings, while Giroud is a tall robust target man who can only play on that position which is currently owned by Robin. It wouldn’t be any problem for Robin to play along him as he does that each time with Huntelaar at the Dutch national team, but his performances are not quite as sparkly as they are when playing for Arsenal in this position.

So there is a problem there because Wenger risks to bring a player who could either cancel Robin Van Persie’s form or cancel his own, so what do you think the Frenchman should do?

19 thoughts on “Podolski vs Giroud – Who Should Join Arsenal?

    1. Because he has enough already?
      Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Djourou, Miquel, Bartley, Santos, Gibbs, Sagna, Jenkinson, that’s 10, and you should add Coquelin and Yennaris as emergency subs and also kids from the Reserves, as at least one of them will make some appearances next season (Angha looked quite impressive, as far as I could see).

      1. No thanks regarding djourou & miqeul. Maybe we don’t need to sign another cb if Bartley can step up but if we sign vertongan will do. Tough one regarding strikers. Even if we have a clear out it still leaves u’s with lots of options up top, with miyachi returning & hopefully afobe getting s chance. I’d say just podolski as we already have rvp,Walcott,gervinho,chambo,miyachi, fighting for those top three which I would like to of added hazard instead of gervinho last summer

  1. I don’t think both of them should join Arsenal.. What for..?? If RVP stay (and we must do the best to make him stay.. whatever it cost) we don’t need any striker.. We have a lot of in Arsenal reverses.. Lansbury, Campbell, Vela, Afobe, Gnabry.. beside Walcott, Gervinho, AOC, Ryo (winger).. and also Park.. And I do think that our team is used to play with 4-3-3.. Back to 4-4-2 need a lot of energy.. In my opinion just pick 1 or 2 striker to replace RVP when he is absent.. Campbell or Lansbury or Vela will fine.. We don’t need another star.. We create star.. Go gunners..

  2. both will be wonderful i promize wenger get the wallet open and do the damn buz. next season we wqanna rock the premiership

    1. No way, we can’t play with only 2 in midfield because Arsenal’s strength is in its ability to dominate possession and play to the wings from midfield. Not only that but Van Persie is way too prolific to waste as a second striker.

      Podolski is a good buy, but keep van persie up front and if we are to sign another attacking player it should be a playmaker.

  3. Fellow fans, let us contribute money and buy Torres for arsenal, i know he is going to bang more than enough gaols for us, just the right guy at the wrong place.

  4. Giroud scores in almost every game he plays and he should be a perfect replacement if van p gets injured…

  5. Giroud will score more goals with Arsenal than he has already. He is an all-round striker scoring all sorts of goals. Giroud has three other components to his game that makes him my choice.
    1, He has a high percentage of assist to his credit.
    2, He see’s ahead of the game to make and score goals from nothing.
    3, His warrior athleticism combined with his abilities add up versatility.
    I believe you can play this player any where on the pitch.
    I this could our new Patrick Vieira, with potential to do better.

  6. Giroud is far more than some “tall robust target man” as you put it. He’s good in the air as well as with the ball at his feet. He’s in the top 5 in the league for assists as well. True he’s very much like RVP but he can play anywhere up front so he could play on the right, RVP in the middle and Poldi on the left.

    The biggest dilemma about bringing both is not so much formation but game time for everyone else. Theo, Ox and Gerv will see some high level competition. Presumably Arsh, Vela, Bendy and Maurone are gone and Poldi and Giroud would add some serious top level depth but at the same time keeping everyone happy would be a problem for Wenger. I mean how do you tell Giroud, Poldi, RVP, Gerv or Walcott that they’re sucking bench today? It’s a good problem to have so many effective attackers at your disposal but I don’t think it’s one Wenger will fancy. On the other hand as I mentioned before we need serious depth in the squad as it whoed against Milan when we needed one more goal to tie them we had no one on the bench who we felt could change the game.

  7. well it’s an easy one for me. We have cows in our squad and i’ll name them all. Starting with the favorite sons;
    Ramsey, Djourou, Miquel, Squillaci, Diaby, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park, Almunia. If we are to be a great force again then these below par players shouldn’t even wear that badge of prosperity… We really need a playmaker in the team to penetrate opposition defense. Maybe bring Granero in or Hazard then get Podolski and finally a defender to add some depth to the squad

    Just maybe then we can challenge for top honors. I also disagree that 4-4-2 requires more energy. 4-3-3 is the formation that needs lots more as it requires your players to be heavily mobile and if your wingers have a low work rate then the midfield battle can be lost. Same way, if your full backs don’t really attack then you’re screwed because you will not be able to add enough bodies going forward… Ever since the introduction of 4-3-3 in 2008 we have dipped in form. It’s not so much the formation but the lazy players we’ve had.

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