Same old story for awful Arsenal

All of the recent problems that have dogged Arsenal were on show again today during the Premier League away clash with Liverpool. We still cannot beat the big teams, even though some good luck and some lax finishing from the home team gave us a great chance.

To be fair to Arsene Wenger and the players, our squad was once again ravaged by injury problems and we had right back at the centre of defence and no options other than Flamini and Chamberlain in central midfield. But they both played poorly and the same can be said of almosy everyone in an Arsenal shirt. Maybe Giroud, Cazorla and Szczesny can hold their heads up.

We couldn’t even manage our usual trick of keeping the ball and were dominated almost throughout the game. We started slowly and never got into the first half and were seriously jammy to go in level at the break, but after taking the lead with a good goal early in the second half, Arsenal failed to capitalise and never threatened Liverpool on the break.

Even when they were reduced to 10 men late on, we sat back and let them attack and they got what they deserved.

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One thought on “Same old story for awful Arsenal

  1. I think it is unreasonable to say that Arsenal has deteriorated because of a draw against a team that beat us 5-1 at the same venue last season! What kind of formula is this? Maybe some of our fans are swayed by emotions and forget certain real life situations. Take an example of a place where you got an accident in your car. How do you normally feel as you pass by that place? The natural reaction is to feel cagey, isn’t it? If this can happen to an individual don’t you think it can happen to a team that has bad memories about a place? Naturally our players were so cautious, maybe overcautious about Anfield, that they played with a lot of care lest a similar scenario happened. This is a natural reaction. Many of us fans are optimists and looked at the desire for revenge against a perceived weak Liverpool team but the same team was only unlucky to lose against Man U the previous week because they outplayed Man U. Perhaps some of our fans should watch other games for purposes of comparison. Arsenal did well to get a draw and remember Liverpool were playing at home with their 12th man who are the ever enthusiastic Anfield fans. Let’s hope for a better result at Emirates. So Arsenal fans take heart our team is not as hopeless as some people portray it.

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