Should Arsenal boss accept Mourinho’s handshake offer?

We will have to wait and see whether it happens yet, but it is being reported by The Mirror that when Arsenal and Chelsea meet in the big Premier League game at Stamford Bridge tomorrow, Jose Mourinho will offer his hand to Arsene Wenger in an attempt to put an end to the long running feud between the managers.

If this does happen, how do you think Wenger should and will respond?

If it is a genuine attempt to ease the tension then I would be surprised to see the Frenchman refuse to shake hands with his rival and it could be a good move for both of them and the clubs, although the media will not be happy as they get a lot of column inches and internet hits from the ongoing saga.

On the other hand I just do not trust the Chelsea boss, as he is famous for doing whatever it takes to gain some advantage. And I think that Wenger is well aware of his mind games. Is it a coincidence that Mourinho is suddenly trying to be nice when he has finally lost a game to Wenger and is in some real trouble with his team’s results and there are rumours that his job could be at risk?

What do you think of all this?

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