Sometimes, even for big clubs with the history of Arsenal, half the problem in completing a transfer is persuading the player to join you. So when you get a player practically begging to sign for the Gunners, Arsene Wenger’s job is half done.

That is the case with the 24-year old striker Emmanuel Riviere. The Frenchman is currently playing for AS Monaco in Ligue 1, who are apparently trying to persuade Wenger to break his promise to Arsenal and go to manage them. It is a lot more likely that Riviere will come the other way, though, after stating clearly that he has dreamed of playing for Arsenal since he was a boy, as revealed in a Daily Star report.

The young striker said, “I was dreaming of Arsenal.

“You have to believe and never let go. I’m good at Monaco today, I have three years left on my contract.

“There will surely be reinforcements this summer.

“We will see what happens.”

Riviere has done well at Monaco, with 10 goals this season from limited appearances. With Falcao due back and more signings on the horizon from their billionaire owner, Riviere clearly thinks he might need to move on. He is certainly Wenger’s type of player and is able to operate on the flanks as well as through the middle.

And he has the right attitude, because with Monaco’s tax-free wages, he would probably be taking a cut in pay to join the Gunners. If he wants to play for us that much, maybe we should make his dream come true.

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  1. Has everyone forgotten about Klass Huntelaar from Schalke? the guy is brilliant ! we should buy him !

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