Stop comparing Arteta to Emery!

Hi my fellow Arsenal fans. I may seem a little angry through my write up; I may sound blunt and I may sound unpleasant. But one thing I won’t do is to keep quiet while people use every little opportunity to criticize a man who is trying his best to create an impact. We lost to a team in the Europa league and we were dumped out from that competition, but does that make us a failure? Does it make Arteta a failure; no it doesn’t, does it?

After the game, some fans were seen displaying all manner of banners, asking Arteta to leave the club alone. Some even went as far as comparing him to Emery, our last coach before Arteta. They said Emery got Arsenal to the final of the Europa in his first season at Arsenal, while Arteta got us dumped out of the Europa in the round of 32! Well, yes Emery got us to the final, but did he lead the team to glory? No he didn’t. So, why mention the name of a man who led us to a final and got us a beating from our brothers from the other side of London? Emery had a full season to prepare for the Europa final, Arteta has just been here for barely 5 months. Pray tell me, what sort of miracle were we expecting from the young manager? In the Premier league, he is doing well and with the way he is going, he may just make Arsenal a title contending team next season.

Have we forgotten how we all wanted Emery out of the club earlier this season? Despite his modest achievement last season, we still wanted him out! We didn’t spare him from criticism, rather we pushed him out! So, if we wanted Emery out that desperately, why do we now compare him to Arteta? Are we thinking at all?

Now friends, let us chill a bit and allow Arteta learn from his mistakes and improve on his managerial skills. We knew who we were getting when we went for him. We knew the number of years of experience he had before he went for him. We were surely aware of whom we were going for; so can we just chill please.

Finally, can we just think about this? If most of the players at Arsenal prefer Arteta’s pattern to Emery, then they must be something they see in Arteta, that they would want us to see too. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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One thought on “Stop comparing Arteta to Emery!

  1. I have never seen a lost and disjoint Arsenal team led by an impotent Emery. This fellow is a virus, he would destroy a team cohesion.

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