With five fit central defenders, Arsenal are good to go!


Hello Gooners. How do you do?

The good news I heard today is that Mustafi and Soares are back in training. I am so excited about this news because it means we can now concentrate on building our defence for now and for the future. With five fit central defenders, we can now enjoy the luxury of choosing our most inform players. Mustafi most especially, is why I am so happy. He has been playing so well in recent games and I feared a lengthy lay off caused by injury, may derail his good form.

A team without a good defence is not a team. Such a team will concede cheap goals and lose vital points. Great teams of yore succeeded with the help of a solid defence line. At Arsenal, we have been struggling with our defence for a while now; but with Arteta’s arrival, the team is starting to play like a good defensive unit, which is such a good thing. However with the availability of five fit central defenders, Arteta can have the right players to call to play defence. No more using midfielders as defenders, as he would have more than enough players to choose from. If Arteta can bring out the best in all the defenders at his disposal this season, we may not be in desperate need of defensive reinforcement next summer.

Arteta’s obvious choice against West Ham will be Mustafi pairing Luiz at the back but in case he may wish to tinker with his choice of players and try other players, he would have Mari, Sokratis and Holdings to choose from. Any of these players can do a good job if called upon because they are good defenders who just need the motivation to play with all hearts. Who can remember how Holdings was our most inform defender sometime last season? If he was that good then, he can still be good again; all he needs is regular play time and self believe. His long injury lay off may affect his game as expected, but with regular playing time and adequate and healthy training, he will be back. If the manager feels Mustafi is not ready yet to play against the Hammers, he may just decide to make use of Holdings or even Pablo Mari.

From all indications, our players are starting to come back from injuries and with their presence, the team can be competitive again and push themselves to succeed. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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