Suarez deal firmly on as Arsenal flex their muscles

Luis Suarez to Arsenal could be one of the shocks of the season, if the Gunners manage to pull off a deal for the Liverpool striker, and after a few weeks of speculation, which started as nothing more than transfer gossip and rumours, have suddenly turned into a full blown story that is in fact actually quite likely to happen.

As the rumours continue to persist, the latest reports, including the BBC, state that Arsenal upped their original bid, speculated to be around £30 million, to £40 million, but it may have been rejected. Liverpool official Ian Ayre, recently made it publicly known that Arsenal had a genuine interest in Suarez and he even went as far to confirm that Arsenal had made an opening bid for the controversial striker but it was far under the Scousers evaluation and so it was ultimately rejected. However further developments since then which have emerged from South American rather than European outlets would suggest that Suarez is actually quite likely to join the Gunners in North London this summer.

The Metro reported a quote from South America journalist Martin Charquero who posted on his official Twitter account that ‘Luis Suarez is very close to Arsenal.’ Charquero is believed to be in regular contact with Suarez, ever since holding interviews with the Uruguayan in the past. Normally I wouldn’t believe anything from the Metro and especially anything from Twitter and although I’m not saying I believe it this time, because I don’t, what I do think is that Suarez does actually have a realistic chance of joining Arsenal.

Despite his attitude and past, I’ve warmed to the Suarez reports and I’m more interested in Suarez’s possible transfer, although I’d perhaps still prefer Higuain over the Liverpool hitman. £40 million is so much money and the best part of our available transfer budget, and it could take even more, but if Chaquero is right about Suarez being keen on the move, the striker might be able to help us get the deal done. Maybe he could bite Brendan Rodgers.

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