Arsenal get boost from Suarez himself in transfer tussle

We know now that Luis Suarez is at least interested in moving to Arsenal. I won’t go into the whole situation as I’m sure everybody will know by now. Here’s a quick line to explain : Arsenal have now upped the offer to £40 million and £1 to talk to Suarez but the bid was once again rejected.

Suarez has begun talking to Arsenal to agree personal terms, which is good because now we know that he really is interested in a move to our club. I am still quite surprised that Arsenal have even made bid over £40M. It’s like Christmas has come early and I now have faith that this spending will continue.

Liverpool are playing hardball over Suarez which is a problem. If only we had been so cautious about letting our best player leave last season instead of accepting the first measly bid that came in for him, we could have had another £40M.

I’m unsure of what will happen now in this situation as I cant see Arsenal matching the likes of Monaco and PSG to spend over £50M on a striker. Suarez is just as good as Edinson Cavani and Radamel Falcao so he is definitely worth it, I just find it hard to believe that Arsenal can match that sort of money.

We need to pin our hopes on Suarez handing in a transfer request so he can persuade Liverpool to let him leave for what we have already offered. An unhappy Suarez for them would be bad. I’m sure they won’t keep him as long as they did Torres for fear of the past repeating itself.

Arsenal fans, no matter how much you don’t like Suarez it’s time to show him some love and convince him that this is the right club for him and his goals next season. We have Champions League football and we can seriously compete for titles with him in the team.

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal get boost from Suarez himself in transfer tussle

  1. Wenger u have made my day suarez ur welcome with open hands come and we lift many cups in the coming seasons

  2. Am I the only one that does not want Suarez at Arsenal ????
    Who in their right mind would pay over 40 million pounds for a player that is nothing but a continual pain in the a** And is he not banned for 10 games for his last indiscretion Biting his opponent I believe. Yes he is a proven goal scorer but not £40 million pounds worth.
    It is a joke I can’t believe the professor is even contemplating this transfer at that price???
    There are so many other strikers to support the ones we have at a fraction of the price. We might have a war chest of £70 million if the press is to believed but this is such a waste of the season ticket holders money.

  3. My praya is dt,God should touch d heart of liverpool to let suarez join arsenal,God forgave us all,why are wil not going to forgive him (suarez)whatever he might have done to arsenal,suarez!!! Please come to Arsenal fc there is the sucess you are have been craving for.

  4. Lets just hope Wenger can sort this out quickly, before the PSG’s, Monaco’s etc, start knocking on the Anfield door…

  5. Loyalty they say is important true, but obviously not in football, we have felt that bite over and over, nice to see other teams worrying about it this time.Like an article i read earlier rogers should not speak of loyalty, he left swansea in 2 years, suarez wants to compete in CL, Arsenal offers that, arsenal want trophies, suarez is one of the assets we could use to get trophies liverpool can settle for the money and continue build with their young talents

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