Wenger Speaks About Mertesacker’s Injury.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that Mertesacker’s injury is not a light one and that the Gunners will have to play without him for quite some time.

Mertesacker’s ankle injury is not the first he had at the same foot and so he’s been shipped out to Germany where the same doctor will be able to have a look at his foot and perhaps fix him up again.

According to Wenger, Per will be out for at least one month. Thankfully Gibbs was back just in time to allow Vermaelen to go back in the central position, so just as long as no other injuries occur in the defense the Frenchman is safe.

Van Persie Will Have To Attack Mertesacker Soon

The new question floating around the Emirates stadium is what will happen in the challenge between Arsenal’s striker Robin Van Persie and central defender Per Mertesacker when Per’s Germany will meet Robin’s Netherlands at the EURO 2012.

When asked about RVP’s opinion when he heard of the results, Mertesacker replied:

“He said he would be happy to see me next summer!” Per told Arsenal.com “That was the first thing he said after the draw.

“This is not a friendly though, it’s a tough game and therefore both of us want to go through the group stage.

Mertesacker Needs More Time. Should He Get It?

Arsenal’s centre-back Per Mertesacker reacted to the rumours which were saying he’s slow for the Premiership and told the club official website that even though it’s not easy to get accustomed to the English league he’ll prove his worth throughout the season.

“I’m feeling good and I think that’s the best thing,” Mertesacker told Arsenal.com “It was quite a short time for me to settle in and make the transfer happen – it was very close to the deadline so it was a tough month for me.”

Mertesacker – We lose our confidence a little bit

Arsenal’s centre defender Per Mertesacker offered an interview for the club’s official website regarding his stay at Arsenal so far. According to the massive German all Arsenal needs in order to regain full form is more time, and he thinks they are heading in the right direction.

“I had to adapt very quickly. It has not been so easy but every game helps me and helps the team to get up to the next level. It is important to improve the performances. It is getting there slowly but I am very happy to be a part of Arsenal.”

Wenger – I’m happy with what I see from Per.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger praised his new transfer Per Mertesacker for the performances he had lately and for the way he is getting used to the English Premier League. The German centre-back was accustomed with slower games and much slower opponents, and that’s why playing in the Premier League is hard for him. He must adapt to the speed and pace of the game and it’s not easy for a tall footballer like him.

“He adapts quite well, he is getting more aggressive,” said the manager. “I like him personally, I think he is a very intelligent player and he will be a big asset for us.”