The anti-Arsenal protest in Chile was a joke


The failure of the anti-Arsenal protest march in Chile in support of Sanchez leaving Arsenal By SK

Greetings gooners in the house! Hope you are still keeping faith with our darling club Arsenal FC? I advise you do because there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

Have you guys read the news concerning the supposed anti-Arsenal Alexis Sanchez protest in Chile being put together by concerned Chileans? Well, the protest was supposed to hold yesterday but according to a report on, the protest had just five people in attendance, as many people who initially signed up for the protest on Facebook, didn’t turn up! Probably, they were scared or something but this is good news.

The Facebook page calling on Chileans to come out and protest in order to force Sanchez to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, was opened immediately after Arsenal were seriously thrashed by Bayern Munich. This was what the organizers had to say on their purpose of opening the page: “We as Chileans are tired of watching one of our biggest stars play on his own. We don’t want him to play at Real Madrid nor go back to Barcelona, we don’t give a care where he plays, and we just want him to fight along with other 10 players to get the results. He doesn’t deserve to be alone”.

However, the organizers took to Facebook before last night’s rally to clarify that the page was in fact a joke and uploaded a video onto Instagram that showed just five people turned out in the end. Was this really a joke or the organizers were just trying to save face? Alexis Sanchez has less than 18 months to run on his existing deal at the Emirates and appears no closer to extending his stay at the gunners but a petition signed by over 14,000 Chileans is not the best way to convince the Chilean to leave Arsenal.

First and foremost, Wenger needs to get his own contractual issue sorted out before we can start talking about sorting out the contract of our star players. I strongly believe if Wenger announces his intention of leaving the club at the end of the season, players like Sanchez and Ozil may be willing to sign one more contract with us, to see who our next coach will be and how they can work together with the new coach. The anti-Arsenal protest failed because people realize that the problem with arsenal has to do more with the coach than the players. Like we all know, a coach selects the team and the players to execute a particular match, so if Sanchez keeps on playing alongside players who are not putting in their best, the fault is the coach own and not the club as a whole. Friends, why do you think the protest failed?

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