Ozil proves how awkward he is for Wenger to manage


Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has been in the news this week concerning things he wrote in his new book, “the magic of the game”. First it was the squabble he had with Mourinho, then the reason why he sacked his Father as his agent! While all these may keep people entertained and informed about happenings in his life, the timing of the book and purpose of writing the book seemed not to be properly planned.

Starting with Jose Mourinho; in his book, Ozil made mention of a little misunderstanding he had with Mourinho, who was then his coach at Real Madrid after a game. According to Ozil, the stand off was like two boxers at the stare-down before the first round. “ you think two beautiful passes are enough? You think you are so good that 50% is enough?” Ozil quoted Mourinho as saying. In his response, Ozil claims to have thrown his shirt at Mourinho’s feet and told him to go and play if he knew the game so well.

I am no fan of Mourinho and don’t hope to be one soon but from the story Ozil painted about his relationship with Mourinho while at Real Madrid, I am forced against my will to support Mourinho on this one! See, it is the duty of a coach to correct and manage a player’s footballing life while in a club. A coach with a winning mentality will ask and demand more from his players, even when they think they have given their all in a game. Although later on, Ozil realized his folly and confessed that he later came back to Mourinho to explain he had finally understood his coaches’ point of view! Good one Ozil but at the first place, you had no reason to be angry just because you were being corrected and guided to becoming a better player by your coach! A coach, who corrects you, wants to make you a better player. I can imagine how hard it must be for Wenger managing your ego as a player. You were wrong on this one Mesut!.

The second issue has to do with how his father managed his transfer businesses, while at Madrid. According to Ozil, his father handled his contract negotiation badly with the Madrid’s president at that time. “My father didn’t know about negotiation pressure but it is just normal to have different points of view at the beginning of negotiations… he hadn’t negotiated a lot with the biggest club bosses and so he lacked serenity to deal with that provoking offer from Real Madrid in an appropriate way” Ozil said about his father.

His father may be naïve in the act of contract negotiations but at least he was negotiating and trying to get the best contract for his son! He was not negotiating for another player but for his son. A little respect for your father, who gave birth to you, is all I thought he would have done! If the father had not given birth to him, would he have been alive to even play football at the first place? Ozil, you don’t need this at this period of your career where things seem not to be going to well for you. Publishing your own book is good but avoiding too many controversies is best! I have given you the little advice I can give you as a fan. Anybody disagrees with Ozil here?

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