UCL game does not hide the fact Arsenal are running on empty

Last night Fenerbahce visited the Emirates to play against Arsenal in the second leg of this year’s Champions League qualification stage and we again came away with a win, and managed a score of 2-0 on the night meaning we go through on a 5-0 aggregate.

It was a solid performance from Arsenal, with the midfield once again pulling all the right strings. Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey were all excellent, especially with Ramsey picking up another two goals for this season, a tally which will be a real boost to a growing confidence. Giroud had some good movement but failed to have a distinctive finish, whilst Walcott was largely missing throughout.

But I also can’t help but mention, I still felt we were a bit shaky at times and like in Istanbul, Fenerbahce made it uncomfortable for us. We also had some luck not to concede, with the Turkish side having some great chances. I’m not putting our clean sheet down to the defence but rather luck of their shooting because countless times Fenerbahce were allowed to get a shot away through the Arsenal defence they just couldn’t make it count.

Injuries were obviously a massive blow to us. With a struggling squad already in terms of players at the club the last thing we needed was more injuries, but Lukas Podolski picked up a stupid hamstring injury that was probably the result of not enough warming up and so he is now out for 3 weeks. Wilshere and Ramsey also picked up small knocks, whilst I also fear Cazorla may have a small issue.

I expect first team fitness will be a bit of a problem for this weekend’s game against North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur with so many first team players on show. However we must also consider Spurs play on Thursday night for the Europa League competition however unlike Arsenal they aren’t expected to put out a first team side.

Hopefully some transfers will soon happen and with another £30 million generated by getting through to the Champions League for another consecutive year under Arsene Wenger’s reign then, we should now expect some players to be coming in. The extra £30 million alone pays for someone like Di Maria! Meaning we still have around £80m (from sales as well) left to spend. I’m not confident we will spend it all but I reckon now we have secured Champions League qualification, we may go out and spend a large sum of it. We certainly need to because Arsenal are running on empty.

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4 thoughts on “UCL game does not hide the fact Arsenal are running on empty

  1. I would be d most surprised gooner if, Mr Wenger does make any big name signing in this almost closing transfer market.

  2. What wrong with this Mr wenger, I think he got some crysiness in his head. Tottenham has sign 3 big name, and Arsenal are loking for only free tranfer please let Mr Wenger leave the club because the club is dying on

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