Van Der Vaart – Arsenal ended our title hopes, but I’m sure we will still finish third


The Tottenham star Rafael Van Der Vaart saw his team destroyed by Arsenal on Sunday and has admitted that the Gunners have all but finished any remaining hope that Spurs could have overtaken Manchester City in the title race.

But he thinks that their seven point cushion will be more than enough to stop any of the chasing pack, including Arsenal, from overtaking them in the race for third.

Van Der Vaart said after the 5-2 defeat: “Of course you always have hope that we can win the title but Man City are winning their games so easily and, especially now that we’ve lost, maybe the title is over,”

“I think third place is our main goal now, and I’m still really confident we will finish in third.

“For the fans and for us as players, losing against Arsenal always hurts – but we are still third, seven points ahead of them.

“Now we have a big week coming up against Manchester United. It’s always difficult after the international break but the confidence is there and we showed in the first half yesterday that we are still a top team.

“Will it be difficult to lift ourselves? No, this is football and we had a bad day, that’s all. It’s just a game and we lost. We’re still seven points ahead so we’re not worried.”

Perhaps he will start to worry when Tottenham get destroyed again by Man United next weekend? I sincerely hope so!

13 thoughts on “Van Der Vaart – Arsenal ended our title hopes, but I’m sure we will still finish third

  1. vander vart is ultered nonsense by saying the show they are top team. Agaist who? Well between first 5minutes and no more till the final wistle.

  2. Both of Spurs’ goals were lucky, Saha would not have scored but for that enormous deflection and the penalty was undeserved due to the fact that Bale is a diving cheat. In the first half Spurs created very few chances and had very little possession. how exactly did they show they are “still a top team”

    Arsenal have every chance of catching up to Spurs now, they just need to beat Liverpool at anfield (an achievable feat) and hope that Spurs lose to United. If Arsenal can get within 4 points of Spurs they have every chance of finishing 3rd.

  3. By the end of the next EPL match, spurs will be ahead of Arsenal by 4 points. I hope VDV comes up and say we can still finish 3rd we are 4 points ahead of them. VDV should bury his head and keep his mouth shut, after virtually every spurs player bragging of giving arsenal a good spanking before the game and still couldn’t score a proper goal at the emirate, he still has the guts to call spurs a top team. Silly spuds

  4. arsenal are better than spurs. Arsenal can play any time in the world and win if fair play is on the pitch and match official

  5. It’s obvious the man is just trying to put up a brave face after the mauling and humiliation on Sunday by a powerful adversary.

    I hope salt is rubbed into the wound by ManU and if we win at Liverpool we will be only 4 points behind the enemy and squeaky bum time for them!

    Anything can happen thereafter and we are all hoping it will be in our favour and 3rd spot can be ours come end of the season.

    1. Only God can save us from dat match,the fact dat they have carling cup glory can make dem drink to stupor and we will have oportnnity to catch them on counter attarck .and if we put maximum effort the way we do it against totenham believe me we will smile at last. Up gunners

  6. Van der vart is a stupid man,arsenal fc is always on top no matter what.spurs e lo to,is not yet your time.

  7. We are the gunners and will always be, we are going in for the maximum point in the next 12 games, vdv should shut up.

  8. Spurs must just forget about arsenal and the must stop their jelous arsenal will qualifier for the champion’s legue and arsenal might finish above spurs from ali pretoria boy south africa.

  9. You’d think the big mouthed idiots at the Lane would have learnt their lesson by now, especially after Bale’s rubbish last week. Bale followed up his appraisal of Arsenal’s chances by resorting to cheating. Yes Gareth we’re so rubbish you had to cheat. Now we have Van The Fart being equally embarrassing.

    Players only speak like this when their whole team is bricking it. Cheers for the heads up Van The Fart.

  10. Tottenham are not sure of finishing in 4th position .personally ,l am not seeing them there but let us wait until the end of the season . Let’s go gunners .

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