Vermaelen – Arsenal are confident, now we need to be consistent

The Arsenal centre-back Thomas Vermaelen is obviously not happy that the Gunners have been knocked out of the Champions League, but he is very confident that they have the quality and confidence to make sure they are back in the competition again next season.

He said: “It’s really important because Arsenal is a team that belongs in the Champions League,”

“We will try to achieve that in the next games and get into the top four. At the moment, after the way we played in the first half against Milan, I am really confident.

“It’s hard to be consistent in top-level football. The team that is the most consistent will win prizes, I believe in that. But we have to be confident that we have the quality in the team and that is what we showed against Milan.

“The way we played in the first half, if we can do that consistently all season I am not worried because we will be in the top four.

“Of course we are disappointed because we are out of the Champions League but we need to take the great feeling out of this game, and take that into the next game.”

It is imperative to keep this winning run going and to keep the pressure on Tottenham for third place, and as Vermaelen says, if Arsenal carry on playing like this they should have no problem qualifying in the Top Four at all.

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One thought on “Vermaelen – Arsenal are confident, now we need to be consistent

  1. Tomas should be reminded that we are already in 4th place in the EPL. Our destiny this season is now firmly in our own hands.
    I believe that we can qualify for the CL next term PROVIDED we receive just a modicum of good fortune over our injury list.
    I only hope that our returning injured will not be replaced by others. 😆

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