Walcott’s new contract depends on Champions League Qualification


Just about every Arsenal fan in the world is aware that Robin Van Persie has refused to discuss a contract extension at the club until next summer, but the England winger Theo Walcott is in exactly the same situation and Arsene Wenger is hoping that he can secure his signature before the end of the season.

The Telegraph reports this morning that Arsenal and Walcott’s representatives have begun preliminary talks although they stress that there has been no initial demands from Theo or any solid offer put on the table by Arsenal yet either. This is contrary to some reports that appeared in the tabloids stating that Walcott had demanded a rise to 85,000 a week for a four-year contract.

It seems that neither side is in a hurry to complete a deal and a relaxed air is over the talks after some positive comments in the press by Walcott. “The atmosphere in the dressing room is fantastic — the best it’s probably been for a long time,” he said. “We are a bit more of a team, we work harder when we haven’t got the ball.”

But with Arsenal’s qualification for next season’s Champions League far from guaranteed as yet, and Arsenal’s contract negotiator Dick Law tied up with Thierry Henry and the transfer window, there is not going to be much going on with the Walcott talks until the middle of February when hopefully the Gunners will be safely tucked up in the Top Four and in a stronger bargaining position.

There is a widespread belief that Walcott is much more likely to re-sign than Robin Van Persie.

11 thoughts on “Walcott’s new contract depends on Champions League Qualification

  1. flog him to liverpool or aston villa then give that number 14 to neymar. wenger’s been sleeping on the job.
    sadly wenger is gonna pay him 85 grand to stay and lose us games.

  2. Hard to know the truth but it hardly matters. Based on present performance Walcott is not in a very good bargining position, so we`ll just have to see what happens.

  3. I remember an interview on soccer am with Theo and the interviewer asked him if he would be crap if it want for his speed. Theo said yep I would be with a laugh, but we all know he wouldn’t be much good at all. So he can’t complain if he doesn’t get what he wants money wise surely.
    Also it is a good thing if players want to play for us, play for the badge. Let’s keep him, he is English and loves The Arsenal.
    Onward and upward!!

  4. If we don’t get CL birth next season, almost all the players in Arsenal wants to leave. And no good players will come to Arsenal.

    No CL birth and No money spending and not showing any ambition to win trophies, then who will come to play for the club? Why they need to come ?

  5. Theo,look those who left arsenal 4 big amount,where are they?your carrer matters.

  6. Juventus were willing to pay good money for him – sell him! We can buy Krasic from them too!

    In Arsene we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. theo,please do us and yourself a very big favour,leave arsenal,you wont be missed,i still cant beleive that wenger havent lst patient for you,in his lace yu ae now laying for another club( that is if we are lucky enough if we find a buyer “

  8. You have to laugh at this, when a player comes out and says that his contract talks will depends on whether Arsenal have Champion League football next year. Correct me if i am wrong but is not the players jobs to go out on the pitch and win games for their teams so that they make it to the champions league. I did’nt realise that the fans did that or the manager. We can blame Wenger for his tactic but can we really, end of the day he puts the best 11 on the pitch and tells them how he wants them to play its up to the player to preform. Walcott and Ash are examples of where they expect huge wages and playing time yet do not preform.

    The cheek of it.

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