Wenger – Chelsea WILL NOT be tired tomorrow

Chelsea had probably their most tiring game of the season in midweek as Barcelona were running rings around them and denying them any possession whatsoever, (while Arsenal players were at home comparing which are the best mobile casinos!), but Arsene Wenger says that his Arsenal team cannot expect Roberto Di Matteo to be suffering from any ill-effects this weekend.

The Arsenal boss also took the chance to praise the way that Di Matteo has turned Chelsea’s season around so quickly after the departure of Andre Villas-Boas, and the organized way they dealt with the threat from Barcelona. He said: “They defended well and took their chance. They did not have many but that is basically it,”

“Di Matteo has done well. I think he has adjusted well to the Club and to the team. You judge him if he gets a longer period though, like any manager. He has done very well until now and he is competent.

“Let’s remember, sometimes when a guy comes in and knows the club it gives him an advantage to be quick to adapt.”

“I don’t believe that Chelsea will be tired at all,” Wenger concluded. “You expect to be playing Chelsea at their best and you cannot expect them, with the players and numbers that they have, to be tired.”

One thing that Chelsea will definitely have is their winning mentality, with the win against Barcelona following straight after the demolition of Spurs in the FA Cup. Their confidence is high and even if Di Matteo rotates the team they just cannot be underestimated at the moment.

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5 thoughts on “Wenger – Chelsea WILL NOT be tired tomorrow

  1. can someone tell me if kosceilny and gibbs are back, becuase they’re going to be needed to say the least, And with arteta injured my confidence going into this game has taken a bit of a hit. i think we should perhaps play diaby as hes back next to roicky and song and not ramesy.

  2. I would like Di Matteo to be our number 2 when Abromovich gets some extremely overpaid manager.
    He seems to have vision and ideas against different opponents.
    At least Drogba won’t be playing.

  3. Chelsea wont be that tired – all they did against Barca was camp inside their penalty area. I actually think we had a much more tiring match running up and down the pitch against Wigan. Standing infront of your goal and barely moving isnt tiring, all they really did was move a bit from side to side. Maybe they’ll be a bit tired mentally after that match and the spurs game before, but we can’t rely too much on that.

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