Wenger – Expect more entertainment when Arsenal take on Aston Villa


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger thinks that his team have come a long way since the beginning of the season, and believes that the watching fans get value-for-money when they come to watch Arsenal’s attacking style in action.

He thinks that even in last weeks defeat to Man City the football was a joy to watch, and he expects more of the same against Aston Villa tonight. He also warned the Villa players to expect a backlash after the City defeat.

“We are a team who wants to respond quickly now and keep our spirit and determination,” he said. “Then we have a bright future, but it’s important that if we keep that spirit and determination we can go from strength to strength.

“We are not the same team we were two months ago. In the next two months of course we want to be different again.

“They are always passionate games against Villa. We have been criticised a lot since the beginning of the season but you can say what you want but where we go something happens.

“There is always entertainment, even the game on Sunday. It was a game where the two teams went for it – then football becomes a fantastic sport and we will do the same at Aston Villa.”

I’m not really worried how entertaining it is, as long as Arsenal win!

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