Wenger: It was an unfair result – Chelsea made ZERO chances


Arsene Wenger saw his Arsenal team stifled by a Chelsea team that only seemed keen to stop the Gunners getting anywhere near Petr Cech’s goal, but he still believes Arsenal should have been given a penalty kick to win the game.

Wenger said after the game: “It was a very unfair result but it is a result. I think we should have had a penalty, I think also we had chances. At the end of the game we had the chances and they had zero. I cannot remember them having one chance.

“Having said that it was a little bit of a strange game because before the game I thought it would be an open one – we had to win, they had to win. They decided to lock up the game and catch us on the break only, with two wide players who are quick, and Torres.”

I’m glad he left Torres out of the “quick players” comment because he had absolutely no effect on the game whatsoever! But to fair to Chelsea, Arsenal didn’t really create many chances either, as Wenger himself said: “On our side I felt we had a very solid defensive performance. Going forward we didn’t find our quick passing game and the regret we have today is that we played offensively with a handbrake and not as clean technically as we can do. That is why we didn’t open them up enough.

“It was a bit similar to what we saw against Wigan and that’s a regret I have today. They had three defensive midfielders with Romeu, Malouda and Essien in the middle of the park so it was very difficult to play through there. It was very physical as well.”

So all-in-all, I think that the 0-0 draw was a fair result, and we moved ANOTHER point further ahead of Tottenham!

4 thoughts on “Wenger: It was an unfair result – Chelsea made ZERO chances

  1. It`s not Tottenham you should be concerned about Arsene it`s Newcastle. Also, if you have fifty chances and don`t take them (familiar pattern) and the other side has none a draw is a fair result. If Chelsea decide to park the bus that`s their prerogotive ,aim your criticism at your own players and make sure they know you are not pleased with their performance. Get stuck into them.

  2. It was extremely important that we didn’t lose yesterday, a defeat would have made life extremely difficult, a win would have been great and almost sealed the 3rd but what the draw means is that it does keep the distance from chelsea the same as it was before the match, with the scum on the other side losing, it is more like one point gained rather than two point dropped. New castle ?, we need not worry about them they won’t get more than 5 points in their remaining 4 games, There is no better team in the league than Spuds to destroy themselves so not much worry there either.

  3. We missed Arteta and Yossi today so getting a point rather than losing all 3 was not a bad result. Another couple of wins should see us seal 3rd spot. Couldn’t ask for better than that after a poor start to the season.

  4. Wenger shud learn 2 tell his players point blank where they err. We cud ave killed that game so early by not giving chelsea space 2 breath. Arsenal slowed the pace of game wth ramsey loosing frequently many loose balls. Rvp misfired like an amarteur. There was no team coordination.

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