Wenger – Van Persie contract will be sorted before Euro 2012 starts


The ongoing saga of Robin Van Persie’s contract talks with Arsenal have been the talking point of the season, and it looks to me that the only condition for him is that Arsenal win the Third Champions League place (and will have a chance to win it next season) before he agrees to sign his extension.

In my opinion this is why Arsene Wenger is confident that the Dutchman will make his decision very quickly after the end of the season. Yesterday’s draw with Chelsea (and Tottenham’s defeat) has brought that goal one step closer which prompted Wenger to say: “It will be sorted at the end of the season – before the Euros.”

It will definitely be worth finalizing any deals early as Van Persie’s Holland are one of the hot favourites in the Euro 2012 betting, and if he plays brilliantly in the Finals then the vultures will certainly be circling with even bigger-money offers for the Arsenal captain.

Another Arsenal player approaching the final year of his contract is Theo Walcott, and this may be a little harder to come to an agreement as I have a feeling that his demands may exceed Arsene Wenger’s valuation of his worth. A possibility that has struck me is that Wenger has done his utmost to tie Lukas Podolski down to an early deal as he thinks there is every chance that Walcott could be moving on…..

2 thoughts on “Wenger – Van Persie contract will be sorted before Euro 2012 starts

  1. Van Persie is tired ,very tired, and Euro2012 will not help him or Arsenal. Had he broken down this season can you imagine the impact it would have had on the club. He was promised ,and the fans expected, he would be given assitance but even Henry`s spell did nothing to ease the work load and the relief never came. I find it a little hard to understand why the management allowed such a risky situation to evolve. Not good!!!!

  2. it surprises me that Vp has started almost all games i maybe wrong but the time i can remember Vp starting from Bench was once i think it would have been important in the last 6games at least to start in the bench in three matches give Chamakh and Park a start in 442 give Theo a rest also Theo has also been over played and he eventually broke down. Ox could have gotten more games we do not have good bench to finish off the work we somehow limp every season to the finish line. Imagine what if we were still in the ECL

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