Wenger vows to leave Arsenal – but not yet!

Arsene Wenger is going to begin his 18th season as the manager of Arsenal in August, ending months of will-he-won’t-He speculation. According to the Frenchman, there was never any doubt, at least not in his mind, but there must have been some reason for the delay, as the offer has been on the table from the club for some time.

Wenger has often said that he would not want to stay in charge if he thought he was not the right man for the job, so the fall from the top of the table and the criticism from the media and his own fans has perhaps been playing on his mind.

As reported by ESPN, the boss spoke after yesterday’s win over West Brom, and he was in a light-hearted mood, joking with the media and promising that they would be rid of him sooner or later, just not quite yet, as he has got unfinished business. But he also denied that he was waiting to see if Arsenal got the FA cup and Champions League football.

Wenger said, “”Don’t worry, don’t be too impatient, my last time will come, you’ll get rid of me one day, don’t worry!

“I’ve said many times, my word is my word. I’m from a period where you didn’t need a pen to commit. Look at me, look at me. You will see me again. It’s not linked to the FA Cup final. It was important, of course, to be in the Champions League – that’s for sure.

“No. I’ve had no moments of doubt. If I had moments of doubt it would have been a few years ago when I had to say no to many offers and commit to this club and I was under a lot of pressure.

“I want Sagna to stay and I hope the reception from the fans convinces him that we love him here. We have two players at the end of their contracts – Sagna and Fabianski. If it’s down to me, they both stay.”

Unfortunately, it is not down to him, although Wenger has more chance than anyone to convince them to stay and face the Arsenal future alongside their long time manager.

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