Wenger wants Gervinho and Chamakh to go to AFCON later than expected


The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is set to request that Morocco and the Ivory Coast allow his two strikers, Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh to join up with their respective squads later than the appointed time.

He is hoping for special dispensation to keep them both with Arsenal to play in the FA Cup match against Leeds. Wenger said: “The competition starts on the 21st of January,”

“They have normally, legally, to turn up 14 days before, that means the 7th. We will ask for delays for both of them, at least until the Leeds game on the 9th.

“Hopefully we can get an arrangement for that. They will miss the first two days of the preparation but on the other hand they are both fit to start the competition. Hopefully we can get an agreement.”

These arguments turn up every two years, and sometimes the individual countries give permission and some don’t. Isn’t it about time they had a set rule or perhaps it’s too much to ask for them to move the African Nations Cup to the summer?

7 thoughts on “Wenger wants Gervinho and Chamakh to go to AFCON later than expected

  1. ‘move d nations cup till summer’ ? Where u thinking wen u wrote that? A continent should change It’s calender 4 a league! In my opinion i think d epl should schedule it’s time table 2 accomodate des talented african players doing their stuff in england. If It’s disturbing clubs maybe a solution from ur fa would be appropraite instead of askin africans 2 do what u people are suppose 2 do.

  2. Moving the cup to the summer brings other problems into the equation.
    Players need a break,and summer tournaments don’t accomodate this.
    As a club,what’s better….lose a player for a period during the season,or risk players becoming flat,tired and probably injured early in the season???

  3. Can we send Chamakh early? I don’t think he will be missed, and we can give AOC and Park the matches they deserve.

    I would love to see him come back from the tournament with the confidence and goal scoring ability that he had in his first 6 months. If he can’t find his MoJo quickly, then we need to sell him, loan him or replace him. It’s a real shame, I had high hopes for the lad.

  4. Who does Wenger think he is fooling, he needs to spend what happen when the loan end,then its back to square 1. Spend the money like other ambitious team.

  5. U guys r so stupid. Have u been to Africa during summer, FYI its called dry season. Try playing football when half the air around u is dust. Do u guys ever consider these guys r humans?. Ideally,AFCON shuld be played in mar/april when the rainy season is at its fullest cos now we’re still xperiencing harmattan. I sure hope chamak gets his mojo ryt cos i love him. Go You Gooners.

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