Who will replace Arteta and Walcott against Stoke?

Poor Arsene Wenger. Three games to go in the Barclays Premier League, and down two of his top players.

Both Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta are out of the remaining fixtures due to injuries.

Walcott suffered a hamstring injury in the recent match against Chelsea, meaning he will be out of action for about three weeks.

Arteta suffered an ankle injury in during the encounter against Wigan, putting him out for the remainder of the season also.

So its decision time, who should go on the pitch against Stoke in their place.

For Walcott, the top choices for his replacement seem to be: Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho

Oxdale-Chamberlain would be my preference. Sure he is young, just 18, and had a bad one recently, but his quality overall is very impressive. He put in some wonderful performances in recent games, some might even say world class. For now, I forgive him for an occasional bad game, so long as it remains a rarity.

For Arteta, it looks like the choices are Coquelin, Ramsey, and Diaby.

Here Diaby gets my vote. The biggest worry about Diaby is he seems to be a running disaster when it comes to injuries, he has been injured so many times in the past. Looking back, there is a big argument to say that he has just been terribly unlucky, and that’s all behind now. He has proved that he has the right style and the right skills, in fact he is just the type of player that Arsene needs right now. Just be a little bit more careful please Diaby.

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4 thoughts on “Who will replace Arteta and Walcott against Stoke?

  1. Here is the players i would go for: Arteta i would play Santos and Coquelin sharing in 60:30 Mins of the matches. Coquelin is a natural but Santos brings an element of attack just like Arteta. He has even gotten in the score sheets before but is still a defender first. On Walcott i would have the OX come from the right.
    Here below is my complete line up:-

    Sagna, Vermaleen, Konsienly, Gibbs
    ———–Song – Santos

    Benayuan will come on in 60mins to replace either Gervinho or Walcott depending on who is looking tiring or not performing. Conquelin come on in 60Mins. RVP needs a rest. depending on the proceedings he may come on in 60 Mins if we have not scored or are down. if we are leading by 2 goals and the game is looking safe he stays off the match.

  2. Diaby mid-field.
    Santos and Benayoun on the left, Gervinho on the right. Those three subs at Chelsea did really well when they came on.

  3. I’d like to see Szczesny-Sagna,Kos,Verm,Gibbs-Song,Rosicky,Benayoun-Gervinho,RVP,Santos.

    We know how Santos likes to get forward, and he does very well in doing so. I’d keep Oxlade-Chamberlain off, and bring him on as an impact sub if needed.
    Santos has got a good cross, as well as dribbling skills. He’d do well at LW I think, for a back up.

    No more Ramsey, please.

  4. I would have The Ox on the right wing and Tossi on the left. I don’t know what’s going on with Gervinho these days but with Chelsea in the UCL final we can’t take chances with our three remaining games…
    Diaby could be good, I really enjoyed seeing him on the field against Chelsea

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