WOW! Walcott´s finishing as good as Arsenal legend Henry!!

I am not making this up Arsenal fans and this is not some stat that has been cherry picked from a short space of time either, but over four years as an Arsenal player and it shows that the under fire England forward Theo Walcott is just as deadly in front of goal as the club´s all time record goalscorer Thierry Henry.

A Metro report shows the figures for Walcott´s last four seasons as a Gunner show his chance conversion rate in the Premier League (20 percent) is exactly the same as Henry´s were in his last four seasons at the club. The stats show that Giroud´s is 17 percent and Serio Aguero´s is 21 percent.

So this does go to suggest that Theo can be the man for us in the centre forward role, especially when you see that he has also scored 11 goals from his last 11 league starts. Not bad for a player that many in the football media are saying is just not a goal scorer.

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One thought on “WOW! Walcott´s finishing as good as Arsenal legend Henry!!

  1. The big difference between Henry and Walcott apart from their size is Henry didn’t as many chances as Walcott.

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