Why Arsenal should not worry about missing Cesar transfer

It seemed like Julio Cesar to Arsenal was a certain deal for weeks but now Roma are apparently turning to him in their search for a new goalkeeper and Cesar is keen on a move back to Italy. It would be nice to have Cesar at the club but would it really be the end of the world for Arsenal if he didn’t come?

Many Arsenal fans wanted Cesar to be rotated with Szczesny in the team while tutoring the Pole to help turn him into a world class goalkeeper. Cesar’s experience of playing at major tournaments and winning the Champions League certainly makes him one of the great keepers of the last few years and he would most likely have a good effect on Szczesny if he came to the club.

Is Mignolet now the main Arsenal transfer target?

In light of the lack of talk regarding QPR goalkeeper Julio Cesar and his supposing never ending transfer to the club, it’s come apparent to me for some time now that there is probably very little truth in the reports from a few weeks back that seemed to confirm that genuine negotiations had taken place between representatives from all three parties. I was pretty certain there was some form of truth in this rumour, simply because so many media outlets and sources were confirming the news. As of now it seems like it wasn’t meant to be and so the most recent reports regarding goalkeepers surrounding the potential interest in Simon Mignolet.

Mignolet believes Arsenal were lucky to win

The Sunderland keeper Simon Mignolet is well aware that it was his own heroics in the Sunderland goal that stopped Arsenal from taking a hefty lead this weekend, but he believes that sunderland’s efforts in the second half, albeit against ten men, should have earned the Black Cats at least a point.

The Belgian stopper said: “The first half was quite busy. I expect that a bit against a team like Arsenal, who played really well in the first half and made it difficult.