A lot of Arsenal fans already likes the outgoing, entertaining and intelligent Jurgen Klopp, despite his side springing a disappointing defeat on us in the last Champions League game at the Emirates. But after the Borussia Dortmund’s latest words, his stock has risen even more.

In an interview with the Guardian in the build up to the return Champions League fixture in Germany, Klopp waxed lyrical about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. He declared himself in love with the English style of football, especially the brand of it on show at the Emirates. The Gunners manager, in his opinion should already have been knights along with ol’ purple nose himself.

Klopp said, “For me, he is Sir Arsene Wenger. He is really something, I love him.

“When I watch Arsenal in the last 10 years, it is nearly perfect football, but we all know they didn’t win a title. In Britain they say that they like Arsenal but they have to win something.

“If Barcelona’s team of the last four years were the first one I saw play when I was four years of age, with their serenity, winning 5-0, 6-0, I would have played tennis. Sorry, that is not enough for me.

“It is not serenity football, it is fighting football – that is what I like.”

Arsenal will obviously want revenge on Klopp’s side in Dortmund on Wednesday, and the players should be full of confidence that they can achieve it. Arsenal were unlucky and a bit naive at the Emirates, but Wenger will make sure they have learned from it. If we can keep up our fantastic away record and win the game, it should mean that we finish top of the group, and that could be important going into the knockout stages.

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