Arsenal HAVE signed ANOTHER defensive midfielder

With the young product of the Arsenal academy Francis Coquelin surprising all of us, except Arsene Wenger apparently, by showing that he has got what it takes to star for Arsenal in central midfield and provide the work rate, energy and tough tackling that you need to thrive in the Premier League, we all wondered whether that was it for Arsenal in that position.

And when Wenger also brought in the 17-year old Polish prospect Krystian Bielik from Legia Warsaw, said to have the potential to become a player like our former captain Patrick Vieira, it seemed that the Gunners had the deep lying central midfield role sewed up for years to come.

But it has now been revealed in a Metro report that our manager has completed another deal as well, by already signing up the club captain Mikel Arteta for another year. The Spaniard’s contract was due to expire at the end of this season but the boss clearly wants him to stay on.

Arteta has not managed many games for us this season due to injury problems, but Wenger still thinks he has a lot to give, possibly by imparting his experience and reading of the game as much as by doing it on the pitch. So is that the end of the Schneiderlin and Carvalho Arsenal transfer rumours?

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal HAVE signed ANOTHER defensive midfielder

  1. I like how your worded the article to make it seem as if we had actually bought another player. Now a lot of articles do this, but this is one of the worst i have seen as its just so completely miss-leading. No-one word ever use that wording when a player extends their contract. Its just shameless. Cant come up with a good enough article to warrant getting clicks, so you resort to this – nice one.

  2. another misleading title,shame on you!!it also shows&says a lot about how you regard us your readers!!!

  3. Hahahahaha…..thats nice of you.its really seemed like a new player in the know how to capture people’s attention.keep it up

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