Arsenal miss ANOTHER striker transfer target as Juventus pounce


This is getting silly now Arsenal, and not just a little bit embarrassing for a club that was runner up in the Premier League last season and has the remarkable record of qualifying for the Champions League every year, with our own board members admitting that Arsene Wenger has something like £200 million available to him in the transfer market.

Yet still the Frenchman does not seem to be able to seal the deal for a top quality striker. Following on from the Jamie Vardy transfer snub and the failure to get the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Higuain, Aubameyang and Draxler among others, The Sun is reporting that our latest target is likely to sign for Juventus instead.

The player in question is the Argentinean forward Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan and it was being reported that representatives from the Gunners had arranged talks with him and his people next week, but his wife who is also his agent has now started to suggest that Icardi will be staying in Serie A and moving to the Italian champions.

Is this just a ploy to increase the interest and the price of her husband and client or is it just the latest piece of evidence that Arsenal and Wenger are failing us fans once again in the transfer window?

1 thought on “Arsenal miss ANOTHER striker transfer target as Juventus pounce

  1. The top players want to play where they have a chance of winning and unfortunately that’s not us, AW talks the talk but he can’t walk the walk. I don’t think that replacing AW is going to be difficult like in Man U as they were proven winners which were not. We don’t pay the market price, we don’t pay the top wages, we’re not major contenders and our management team obviously don’t inspire confidence on the best players. If I were a top top player would I sign for Arsenal or a team that is moving forward, I don’t even need to answer that.

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