Arsenal to match Man City’s £34m transfer bid for Mahrez?


The amount of £34 million for a player who was just voted as the best player in the Premier League and who was the driving force behind the remarkable story of Leicester City last season does not sound all that much in the crazy modern world of football transfers.

But that is the amount that Arsenal are looking at offering to the Foxes to even match the opening bid of our EPL rivals Man City after Pep Guardiola made his first move towards signing the brilliant Algerian international. We do not know if this offer will be enough and Claudio Ranieri suggested only this week that he did not think his star man would try to force a move.

But other reports in the football media have said that Mahrez has turned down the offer of a new contract with Leicester and is keen to move to a bigger club. Man City are certainly that but so is Arsenal and with us he would not have the same competition for a first team place.

The question for Arsenl fans now is, will our manager match this opening offer and make a serious attempt to make Mahrez a Gunner?

14 thoughts on “Arsenal to match Man City’s £34m transfer bid for Mahrez?

  1. Fighting transfer battles against Man Uited/City and Chelsea Wenger always admits defeat.

  2. sometimes Arsene wenger is not good when it comes for transfer.Good player ,he does not sped money Bring Mahrez and a good striker . After the season u will see arsenal champion with Olivier in the squart

    1. Bring 1. Attacker
      2. Meharez
      3. R. Rodriguez

      4. Central defence
      Sell 1. Walcott
      2. Giroud
      3. Chambers
      4. Mertsacker
      5. Chamberlain
      6. Gibbs
      7. Coqculin
      8. Szceny
      9. Campbell
      Wow business

  3. Youve already said in your caption “Arsenal to match…” so why ask if Wenger will match City’s offer? You guys don’t have work to do.

  4. most of the times Arsene Wenger is the d fall of Arsenal.such player he need to buy he let then down.because he don’t want to pay the money for such player. now he has the chancy to buy good and quality players like Mahreza and others. when the time is late he pretend as if he is going to buy big star.

  5. get mahrez a gud defender and juss add another striker don’t let giroud go and arsenal will be unstoppable

  6. The big players will not go to Arsenal as they are too stingy to pay the market value. Every transfer window they have unspent millions which could have been used to bring in the quality players . Arsenal prefer to look for the cheaper option. Whilst the top clubs are shopping at Harvey Nics Arsenal prefer BHS.

  7. Arsene wenger will never go for player like mahrez because mr. Wenger has no mission to win trophy anymore, in his comment he said he want to be developing youg players. so fello gooners good players will be comming to arsenal after arsene has been sacked or resign or death.

  8. I doubt very much that a nervous Wenger will enter a bidding war especially against the so called rivals. He surrenders before even entering the ring.

  9. Sign of intent Wenger has hung to long on the laurels of his past success rebuilding or renovations takes time a plenty money if you want to get back to the standard you held stop spending £1,000,000 on 20 players instead of £20,000,000 on a,seasoned class player then most of the players you let go become successful after not cutting it in Arsenals mold whatever that may be at present We need a winning mentality and the team manager has to show sign of intent

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