Arsenal Outgoing and Incoming January Transfers

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is likely to do a bit of a spring cleaning in January when the transfer market will be opening, and will look to sell some of the players which are no longer motivated enough at Arsenal.

Rosicky  is one who was often linked with a possible departure, but the French manager denied the rumours:

“Rosicky is at Arsenal and he remains at Arsenal,” Wenger said.

The most likely to leave Arsenal this January are Squillaci, Arshavin and Chamakh.

Chamakh is wanted by Bordeaux and PSG and is very likely to leave after he’s been forgotten on the bench ever since he can’t seem to bounce back into form.

Arshavin is wanted back “home” at Zenit and is frustrated about not getting a first team chance since Gervinho came at the club, and Squillaci is wanted by Sevilla. The centre-back got a bad injury and he only got Cup action ever since so he’s a certain departure in January.

The big question is not who leaves though, but who comes. Two attacking players are leaving so Wenger is likely to transfer at least one, full-backs also seem to be on the list and the biggest issue at Arsenal is who to transfer between Hazard, Gotze and Reus. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal Outgoing and Incoming January Transfers

  1. GOTZE all the way he may cost arsenal 30mil but he would be worth. He can pass, shoot and dribble. Gotze and wilshere would be dynamtie

  2. Aren’t you forgetting Podolski? Haven’t we also heard something about Neymar?

  3. agree with the possible departures but wenger never buys in january and even less likely now we are winning many games. I personally believe that a manager should always look to strengthen, but wenger seems content with players that perform just a little above average and a team that has the potential to finish in the top 4…but nothing more ambitious than that.

  4. Gotze and Hazard will cost too much. Wenger is smarter than that. He always seems to get the best out of what the club’s aspirations are, and that’s to recruit value for money. Reus’ price will inflate as well and he’s not as established as the aforementioned.

    My guess is Wenger will get Gourcuff, who is world class when he’s fit and will seamlessly fit into the Arsenal style of play. Another player of interest is Shaqiri, but I believe he’ll stay at Basel until the summer, when big teams in europe will bid for him.

    If I had to put a smart bet on who’ll we get, it’s gotta be Gourcuff.

  5. I believe two of the three will be great acquisitions, the three guys are fantastic but lets go with Gotze and Hazard. Plus one prolific striker Arsenal will be the best club in the world.

  6. My fears! The boss’s valuation of all the players he is rumored to be interested in is definitely far less than the valuation of their individual clubs. And, come to think of it, AW’s valuation is always the more sensible. Football has all gone crazy. What with its invasion by marauding billionaires who really have no interest in football but are willing to throw around their money (most of which is ill-gotten) in frivolous player-transactions.

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