Arsenal STILL sweating on LONG Alexis injury break

Despite the football media being full of positive reports about the Arsenal and Chile star Alexis Sanchez, with most of them saying that he was being sent home to Chile for a week to help with his recuperation but was expecte3d back in time to face Manchester City before christmas, it turns out that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal mediacl team are really none the wiser about how long the forward will be out of action.

As reported by the Daily Mail today, the manager himself admitted that they really did not know for sure just when he would be fit to play again, and to make it even worse, the same is true of our Spanish midfield duo Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla.

Wenger revealed, “At the moment on Alexis, Santi and Mikel (Arteta), we don’t know how long they will be out for.”

So I have no idea where the various reports about Alexis being three weeks out have come from. Hopefully it is an educated guess that will prove to be close to the mark, but should we be concerned that the Chilean could be set for a long spell in the Arsenal treatment room?

At least he will have plenty of company in there if that does turn out to be the case.

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