Arsenal Striker Could Choose Russian Path As A Way Out


Arsenal’s winger Andrey Arshavin could find his way out of the club sooner than he thinks, and perhaps January will also bring his departure from England as well.

His former Russian club Zenit St Petersburg may be the one which saves him from being doomed on Arsenal’s bench for another half season.

“We are always interested in Arshavin,” Zenit director Igor Korneyev told Sovietsky Sport.

“But I can neither confirm nor deny whether we have made an offer.”

“The player’s return is possible if he decides on it,” Gazprom boss Alexei Miller said.

“We all have to return to our homelands sooner or later.”

Arshavin has been sidelined by Gervinho’s arrival to the club and even though he’s been given a few chances this season to prove his worth the Russian only proved to be a former star who is not completely out of form.

He knew his best times in Russia, so perhaps a comeback would be the best team the winger could opt for at the moment even though there’s interest for him coming from French team PSG as well.


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